(literally, "poly" many + "amore" love) is the practice of having multiple romantic relationships at the same time, ethically and honestly, with the knowledge of everyone involved.

About the Polyamory Outreach Group

About the Portland Polyamory Outreach Group

The Portland Polyamory Outreach Group was founded by Franklin Veaux and his partner Zaiah. Both of us have been non-monogamous our entire lives. Franklin has been writing about polyamory since the mid-1990s and has been a poly communty organizer since 1998. Zaiah has been active in the poly community for the past decade.

We have both been active with several sexuality and non-monogamy discussion groups around Portland for years, and are seeking to create a space for discussion that serves southeast Portland. We decided to host the Portland Polyamory Outreach Group to help bring together not only people who self-identify as polyamorous, but people who are interested in polyamory and in non-monogamy of all sorts.

Thediscussion group is a casual, informal group whose topics are determined by the people who attend. From time to time, we invite folks from other sex-positive and non-monogamous communities to talk about their experiences and share their community-building activities.

Anyone who likes is welcome to attend. The discussions are low-key social events. We do expect that you respect the privacy of the other people who attend, as not everyone is open about their interest in non-monogamy. Please feel free to share information about the discussions, but don't disclose the people attending without their permission!