(literally, "poly" many + "amore" love) is the practice of having multiple romantic relationships at the same time, ethically and honestly, with the knowledge of everyone involved.

Welcome! Please join us!

What is the Portland Polyamory outreach group?

What we are

Portland Polyamory Outreach is a monthly polyamory and ethical non-monogamy discussion group in southeast Portland, Oregon.

Our goals are to provide a discussion group is responsive the the questions of the people who attend, to improve networking and information sharing with other non-monogamy groups, and to help improve the skill set of our group members by providing access to training and information.

We get together on the fourth Monday of every month at a private home in southeast Portland, near Stark and 146th.


Who should attend?

Who we are for

We are open to anyone interested in polyamory or other forms of ethical non-monogamy. Everyone is invited. Tere are no feesto attend.

You do not have to be polyamorous or in a polyamorous relationship (or even partnered at all!). Anyone with any interest in non-monogamy or who wants to learn more about it is encouraged. We provide a safe, respectful space for talking about ethical non-monogamy. While our focus is usually on polyamory, people interested in other forms of non-monogamous relationships (including swinging and open relationships) are welcome.

Where is it hosted?


We meet on the fourth Monday of the month at 620 SE 146th Avenue, just off 146th and Stark. Meetings go from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.